Eliana Tomaz

Beauty In Decayed Interiors.

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Loft living trend began late eighties defining downtown chic New York and many capitals of the world, if not all.
I love it. For many years it was my dream to have a loft, or at least work in one.

Few years ago, and that’s probably over 10 years ago when I bought my first flat, I started to aspire for other type of spaces: an old, very old like an antique house, if we can call it. High ceilings with those beautifully elaborated crowns, wooden dark floors, and specially in Mediterranean countries you find old tiles too, marble and other rich stones everywhere, it is indeed another level of beauty and aesthetics.

To find beauty in a decayed interior can be tricky, to maintain its essence is even more difficult, and to design a contemporary intervention is definitely a big challenge.
The architect Gus Wüstemann did a fantastic job on his home in Barcelona located in a late 18th Century house. The materials he has chosen enhance the existent ones and the furniture underlines what home style is all about.

I like the concept of the wood panels and floor mimicking the existing brick walls.

“There has always been a disagreement between those who want to preserve the old and those who want to change and renew. But one doesn’t exclude the other. There’s an excitement when old meets new. It’s an effect you cannot create artificially” - Gus Wüstemann

Keeping ceilings intact and adding light behind the wall paneling in the perfect choice.

All photos from Gus Wüstemann.