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Fendi Casa.

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Like in fashion, Fendi Casa breaths luxury and ostentation. To seat on a Fendi sofa or lay on a Fendi bed is like wearing a pair of stilettos: very stylish and extremely powerful.

The other day I read somewhere luxury in no longer what money can buy, but the experience we can get. Though, to experience Fendi Casa you definitely have to have it. Very exclusive, it is a label which makes every dream come true.

This brand outstands by luxury leather, rich fabrics and Swarovski crystals giving the final sparkle. Get the champagne and enjoy.

New showroom at Harrods, London.

I am a big fan of the button down. It is that little detail which brings up very gracefully the classic touch.

Another favorite feature in their line is the high headboards, especially if they are in croco print leather.

Their velvets, silks, leathers and skins are to die for. Rich as they have to be.

This daybed is so beautiful. Perfect for a yacht deck or a SPA room.

Modern, cosy and very stylish, isn’t it?

They have a fantastic range of colors, but my always very favorite is indeed gold. Their gold silk is like no other. Trés Trés Chic.

Brocades are back and I am loving it.

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