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A Sofa Is Like A Pair Of Shoes.

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Last week a couple asked me advice on how to choose a sofa. My straightforward answer was: a sofa is like a pair of shoes – make sure they’re stylish and extremely comfortable.
Funny enough, they both looked down to check what I was wearing… looked up and smile. I think in that moment I conquered their trust.

I’ve said this many times, but once more I want to refer it again:
to style a house is exactly the same as styling yourself – the essence is the same.

A sofa is like a pair of shoes, armchairs like a bag, jeans maybe like the kitchen table, and look for a cabinet as if your are looking for a jacket to wear with trousers during the week or jeans if you taking a walk to the gallery on a sunny Saturday morning.

I dare to say that by looking at someone, the way the dress and present themselves to the world, I can imagine how their spaces are. Little details are absolutely the key.

I love both: to style people and houses, though spaces are indeed my favorite subject. Well, more than favorite they are my passion.

So, if you’re looking for a sofa, ask the same questions as if you’re browsing for a pair of shoes:
What do you want a sofa for?
- Is it to seat down for hours and hours with family and friends or maybe to watch movies night after night?
- As a decoration object where you (or someone else) will seat once in a while?
- Perhaps to wrap up the office decoration?
- Maybe to seat down your clients when they’re about to close a deal with you?
- For a child’s bedroom? Your bedroom?
- Rather to drop your bag, hat and coat when you get home after an exhausting day at work?
- To write your diary/bog or read your favorite book/newspaper? To surf on the internet…If you’re looking for THE sofa bear in mind it’s the centre piece in where you’ll spend the most of the time, whether we’re socializing, relaxing or even working. It’s that little space where people will gather, laugh, talk and sometimes even sleep

I believe my concept is valid to any kind of interior project: residential, hotel, restaurant/bar and of course offices. What do you reckon?

So, have you been browsing for a pair of heals, ballerinas, brogues, or trainers?


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