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Inspired By Blue and Gold: Two Royalties.

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There’s one thing I really love to do in design: moodboards. I like to start an idea, and at least think I found a solution. Very often, with no apparent reason, I create moodboards just for fun and since I write this blog I do it more often,

Lately I’ve been very inspired by blue and gold - they’re back on my track.

Get inspired.

Navy blue is a quite powerful colour. Easily we see this shade of blue everywhere like in uniforms, we associate it to sailors, successful business men and royalty. It has an austere aura, though on the bright side we can see it as a very democratic colour too, no?

Side note: Coco Chanel herself loved the classy white and blue stripes.

In interiors I find these two colours very chic and inspiring. They both bring down the skies, the freedom and happiness of thoughts. There are a sense of fearless and power in them.

Touches of gold and brown bring some warmth to blue.

Navy blue and Gold are indeed my colour for 2010.


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