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I don’t think someone will ever understand how important this table is for me.
It was the very first piece of furniture I’ve designed and prototyped. It’s my “one off”.

When I designed it I knew absolutely nothing about furniture making. The only important thing to me was to design and see it made. Honestly, I think I’m still the same, but anyway, that’s what really drives me to move on otherwise I'll get lost in translation.

Back in 2001 when this table was made I was totally inspired by stainless steel. I wanted to explore such amazing material in the domestic environment. Its industrial qualities and aesthetics gave me so many ideas to blend within the existing deco. Plus it’s perfect to use and abuse on strong colours on a background: purple, red, orange and very dark brown - all colours I was using at the time.

If you follow my blog regularly you probably have realized my furniture design is quite graphic, and this table once again proves it. But there are two details I want to enhance in here: its thickness and the holes on the top and legs – this is exactly what makes this table aesthetically so special to me.

Another thing I want to underline in here: sometimes it’s quite hard for a designer to bring it all in balance – form, function and materiality. Very often, maybe always, we have to compromise some of our aims. The key is indeed to stay focus and carry on (I’ve to remember myself this all the time though).

Some technical information:
5mm stainless steel sheets
Hollow structure
Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 500mm
Thickness: 50mm
The beauty of this table prototyping was when I didn’t want to compromise those holes both on the top and legs: bits of steel had to be solder on to give the aesthetics and design I was aiming for; otherwise it would be just a U table.

Now, there’s one very last thing I need to say: my inspiration came a lot from Ron Arad’s work. If you’re in London, check it at the Barbican Art Gallery. If you’re not, click here and here to see some photographs.

Click here to see a desk in stainless steel I’ve designed too. I’ve sold this one three years after I designed and prototype it, not resisting one of my clients asking me for over a year to sell it to her. This is another ‘one off’.