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Richard Wilson’s 20:50 Installation @ The Saatchi Gallery.

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For long time I’ve been looking forward to seeing this installation. I read about it years ago, but because the Saatchi Gallery  was being relocated, the installation was not available to the public eye. Finally we can enjoy every drop of it.
Richard Wilson was born in Islington, London in 1953.

20:50 was first created in 1987.

"The gallery is filled to waist height with recycled engine oil, from which the piece takes its name. A walkway leads from a single entrance, leading the viewer into the space until they are surrounded by oil on all sides."

“The work is very well travelled and has been re-created in Japan, America and Australia, among other places.”

"The central idea finally came to me after weeks beside a swimming pool, during a holiday in the Algarve. I was due to make a new piece for Matt's Gallery in the east end of London when I returned, and over the weeks I became increasingly fascinated with the horizontal surface of the pool. One day it hit me, and I thought: "I know - I'll flood the place."”

If you're in London, or planning to be, save a date and check it out. It's worth it.

Some of these photos captions are part of Richard Wilson’s story. Click here for more.

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