Eliana Tomaz

Portraits Of A Museum.

Eliana Tomaz5 Comments
Many things can be told about this museum. I choose to talk or rather display photographs on its architecture.
What I find interesting about this building is the paradox of a space with a strong narrative in its context and subject, but if photographs of it are displayed somewhere else a different story can be told. I thing that’s why I find amazing to photograph architecture.

Man made scale.

As if the line is infinite...

Every spatial surface is totally asymmetric.

Reversed perspective .

I wish I could have all the technical drawings of this project. They must be amazingly detailed and complex. I’m sure it’s a journey to go through every single one.

Difficult to find a space more geometrically elaborated than this one.

Quite ordinary photograph, but the different shades of white and the transversal dark lines caught my eye.

Jewish Museum , Berlin by Daniel Libeskind.