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Corners Within.

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First time I saw Rae’s jewellery I was asked “to read it”. I felt in love with it straight away. It’s engaging, very aesthetic and it really makes me think. It’s as if I am carrying around and exposing a physical and secret space. A space where I belong to.

I am a spatial person and a jewellery lover, so having both in one is a simple perfect catch(and match). I think it tells a lot about ourselves, just like the house we live in. And now you might be wondering why I am posting jewellery on my blog, when it’s actually about spaces, spaces within spaces and other spaces. The truth is that this is a space only in a different scale.

Rae Mearkle’s jewellery has been described as “exploring the nether world in plain sight”. Each corner is its own little world.

With the manipulation of the wearer’s placement and the functional orientation, Rae’s corner’s fulfil her intention of them being and denoting a space within and of the heart and all that that implies.

Texture, finish and contrast, along with embellishments such as cracks or the absence of the crux of the corner attempt to connote a feeling or a state of feeling personal to the wearer.

Each corner is its own little world. It is the artist’s hope that the wearer owns the piece transcending the artist’s contribution.

Rae and I have been discussing a possible partnership, as I am very interested in designing furniture with this concept and aesthetics. I hope we will come up with an interesting project together.

Statement of self –
Jewellery is tied to our beings. We use it to express our inner most desires and feelings.
I like to explore the format of jewellery, taking advantage of thousands of years of humanity’s urge to adorn and display something to each other.
Each piece I make is a different interpretation of the human psyche as it relates to the heart and soul and the outward display of these aspects -- how the inside might or might not mirror the outside.
Viewer/wearer interpretation of my intention is an important aspect of my work. I want and ask for feedback from all collectors/ viewers and wish for a further responsive relationship with the collector and the reactions they receive once the work is theirs.

Contact Info-
Rae Mearkle
Email: earmear(at)gmail(dot)com
For commissions and/or bespoke pieces, please contact the artist.

Jewellery work exhibited and being exhibited –
ILRC Commercial Road
‘Pause’ MA by Project Degree Show
Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum

A must have book: "Species of Spaces and Other Pieces" by Georges Perec

PS – My favorite brooches are on display in the exhibition in Birmingham. As soon as they’re released I’ll post another article.