Eliana Tomaz

Probably The First Object.

Eliana Tomaz2 Comments
The first object which has probably influenced and marked my life forever was the buggy my little brother used to be carried around. I still remember pushing both on the way to the beach! My God, beautiful memories!

If I'm 6 years older than my brother, I would say this object appeared in my daily life maybe when I was... 8? Yes, he would be probably around 2 when my mum got the design icon.

At the time I was already giving all the credits to simplicity, contemporary design and of course functionality. This object enhances absolutely all of them, doesn't it?

So, it was completely astonishment when I bump into it at MoMA. I couldn't believe I would encounter such memories in New York City.

Don't you just love the white and blue stripes?

The seating was made of a kind of tight net with a plastic touch, and the structure was probably aluminium. I wonder if this was the very first folded buggy. Anyone knows?

Do you remember which object has marked your life and somehow still pops in your memory without expecting it?

I wonder if I dig in my mum's attic I will find it. Maybe not. I'm much more precious about objects than anyone in my family, so when something is broken or no longer functional, they either give them away or simply recycle it.