Eliana Tomaz

From London To Lisbon.

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Good news.
For a while I've been thinking about going back to Portugal. I feel London is no longer doing anything for me and truth to be told I miss my family and friends a lot. More than they probably can imagine.

Yesterday I finally decided to pack my British life and go back home, at least for now. We all know I'm always up for interesting challenges, so who knows what happens next?

I will indeed miss everyone in London and the amazing things always happening in this city, but within Europe is so easy to travel that I'm sure I'll be back often to enjoy (only) what London has best to offer.

Being an interior designer, there's something else I can't help stop thinking about: all my material possessions. It sounds very materialistic, I know, but I miss my books, house deco and furniture, especially the one I've designed. I'm sure they miss me too.

So, very soon I hope, I'll update you all with my new flat, which I hope to get in one of Lisbon's hills and the interior design project(s) I'll have in hands.
Stay tuned. Lot's too share.

My old bedroom in Portugal, in the flat I've sold a few years ago. Lot's of ideas to adapt the deco to my future new space.

Picture frames by Danish brand, lamp by Aureliano Toso, bespoke cushions (fabric by Aldeco), hand made summier, antique bedside table.