Eliana Tomaz

Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona by Patricia Urquiola.

Eliana TomazComment
Patricia Urquiola is indeed one of my favorite designers. Her work is extremely feminine, elegant and very welcoming. Fine lines, rich fabrics and colors, her signature is always there.

Whether furniture or interiors I always feel movement in her work, as if something is communicating with me, and that is exactly what makes design and architecture outstanding.

Knowing she is trained as an architect, I wasn’t surprised with such stunning interiors for the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona.
A space to visit.

These golden panels are a perfect example of what I call Interior Jewellery.

Simple lines and rich colors are always what I love to experience in interiors.

Asymmetric lines gives a sense of movement in this space.

Photos from Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Klara Chair.
Patricia Urquiola to Moroso, Milan Fair 2010