Eliana Tomaz

Moroso @ Milan Fair 2010.

Eliana Tomaz6 Comments
Moroso is a brand I sit back in admiration. There’s always so much narrative in their furniture.

Their press release ends like this – “Authentic quality and obsessive attention to detail, varied ideas and solutions designed for different ways of inhabiting the spaces of daily life.” How much more accurate can this line be? See it for yourself.

Sushi Collection | Designer Edward Van Vliet

Great line to style a SPA, isn’t it? I can see it facing big windows looking at the sea horizon.

Paper Planes | Designers Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien

Very comfy, extremely light, quite architectural. Perfect for Google headquarters, no?

Silver Lake | Patricia Urquiola
Continuous geometries of solids and spaces, with volumes creating multi-faceted shapes. Spaces like waiting rooms or an empty corner in your living room is just about right to have this very comfortable armchair.

Tropicalia | Patricia Urquiola
2008 Collection.

Shadowy | Tord Boontje

Extremely sculptural this outdoor line, it evokes beach furniture in the twenties. It’s just perfect for a discreet restaurant on top of the cliff facing whether sea or a lake.