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The Harmonious City.

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Braga is the most harmonious city in Portugal. Whether architecture, interiors or urban interventions, the surroundings are considered and aesthetically respected. You walk along the streets and feel everything is in the right space, with perfect proportions and even the exact color. Contemporary interventions don't overwhelm the baroque architecture which is prominent in this northern city. Total delight.

As I am here spending time with my best friend, I could not ignore the opportunity to post about my favorite building.

Hope you like it, as much as I do. In case you live nearby, visit S. José de S. Lázaro and admire the careful and precise contemporary interventions they did in such astonishing building, which was once the Palace Senhora-A-Branca.

I love the way clouds reflected on the windows blend so well with the façade's color.

Detail on the west side.

I particular like the repetitive arched windows, though with different fronts.

On these two last pictures you can see how subtly the contemporary intervention embraces the ruins on the left.

In case you know who the architects were, please let me know.

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