Eliana Tomaz

Conran | Paris, Rue du Bac.

Eliana TomazComment
Conran is probably one of my favorite shops in the design business. Love the contemporary and relaxed approach to design and decoration.

Every time I visit one, I always feel the idea "design is not an option, it's the only choice you have" and I must say, I love it!

I love to watch people checking furniture out. Sometimes crazy questions pop up yet quite pertinent when you think about them. We all have different life choices and different habits, therefore furniture different needs. 
Plates are the new paintings. Glassy finish the only option. 
Huge coffee tables in wood finish is all you need at home. Your home parties appreciate. 

Light wood is the new black.
When working at home is the option for many of us, a good desk and chair are the key for success. Though a lamp by Studio Ilse is the key for happiness. 
White and silver plates on the wall to recall our grandmothers' home.

A great shelving unit, but if books are the main decoration, forget it. Not an option.

White on white.
More plates. More walls. More colour. 
The right touch if you're in a country mood.
I've always loved everything about laundry, specially the smell of washed bed linen.