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Fonte dos Frades | Thermal Baths.

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For the first time in my life I took 3 weeks holiday! It was great.

First days I spent in Lisbon, where I live, and the other 18 days by the beach in my hometown, Maceira.

In Maceira I don't have only the beach to enjoy. I have thermal baths which is often referred to as a spa. To wrap up what was a great holidays I went there to enjoy well-being.

Here's a few pictures. Get inspired.

The entrance of Fonte dos Frades (Friars Fountain)

Ladies chit-chatting

The building on the right where the baths happen 
The fountain where you can taste the mineral water,


Fonte dos Frades source is chlorinated with sodium chloride-magnesium, and has a mineralization level of 3,200 mg/liter.

Skin | eczema, acne, cellulitis, ulcers
Gastro-intestinal | gastro-oesophageal, colitis and hepato-biliary pathology
Circulatory | varicose veins, haemorrhoids, hypertension (controlled) and migraines
Respiratory system | chronic rhino-pharyngitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic laryngitis, asthma and chronic bronchitis

Of course, everyone is welcomed to enjoy a simple relaxing bath, the gardens and even the space itself, which is inspired on its own.