Eliana Tomaz

Muuto @ Stockholm Design Week 2012.

Eliana TomazComment
When I look for new brands or products I always wonder the commercial side of the business, their business. For instance, how much do they need to sell to survive (specially with all the competition in this business), costs (where and what's made off, quality, etc) and what's their commercial strategy.
Of course I could ask or research the subject, but I think it's more fun to wonder. It makes me think and sometimes find solutions for my questions.

Anyway, when I bumped into Muuto I wondered, and wondered a lot. It's a brand with lots of little (and great) things, therefore volume must be something quite difficult to achieve. Though, I don't think it's difficult for them to survive.
Muuto's design and product quality are high and the product versatility, like the Stacking Self, is a product fairly easy to live in many spaces around the world, not to mention "Designed in Scandinavia" it's a great selling point.

The smaller and versatile the product is, the easier it gets to travel around the world. Maybe that's their strategy. who knows?

Stacking Self
Restore Basket (under the wall shelving)
Unfold Suspension (grey ceiling lamp)
Muuto's accessories 
Detail on Stacking Self - The clips
Stand's overview
Keep Table, one of the most interesting products they have