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Inga Sempé Talking About Her Work.

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Last Wednesday the Stockholm Furniture Fair held an amazing talk. Inga Sempé spoke about her work and I was all ears.

She's not only one of the best designers but very funny too. Between serious things, like her design process and the frustration that a few ideas would never be built, she would make a joke about French mentality and how they complaint about everything (I actually think its true).

With a very nice and clean presentation she spoke about her work and the whole process. New projects, old ones and where her inspiration comes from. A must!

A few tips I could take from what she said:
1st - Know exactly which detail you like in a product and explore it (she likes classical mechanicalm systems)
2nd - Invest every penny in materials and research (she spends every penny to improve her work)
3rd - If you want to get your products manufactured, make sure you're ready to compromise. Your manufacturer might decide to change your design, even if a little bit.
4th - Think of things you personally need (she's working on two great ideas - a trolley which becomes "shelves" because she travels a lot and a stool which becomes a ladder because she never has patience to grab a ladder to climb and change a bulb) 
5th - Do it with love, lots and lots of love. And in case you think it's not enough, add some more. Ah, when you think IT'S enough, add even more because success is hidden within love.

Luceplan Plissé
Luceplan Plissé being tested 
Work In Progress - The Trolley 
The Trolley
Work In Progress - The Stool Versus Ladder 
My favorite lamp
The cabinets which remind me containers. Love it. 
Project Development 
Probably the most famous sofa to Ligne Roset
Sketches on a project she did for Amorim, the leader supplier in cork (Made in Portugal)
Again, the "Cork Project"
And one more time