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Tokyo #1 | Muji Paradise.

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MUJI. We all love Muji, the brand with no label, or is it the other way around? 
Maybe because it is simply beautiful
Maybe because it is highly functional.
Maybe because it has its only language.
Maybe because it is elegant.
Maybe because it has no age.
Maybe because it has lots of style.
Maybe because it will always be a trendy.
Maybe because you just do, you tell me.

First time I saw the products was in London. The subtle design and the huge label with Japanese characters invited me in. Love at first sight, indeed! I'm sure you all felt the same.

From kitchen appliances to clothing, and of course stationary, Muji is part of my material life since then.

Muji @ Ginza. Their biggest shop in Tokyo.

Main display product: shelving units easy to assemble and optional enough to let your imagination fly. 

Love product: Wooden hook to hang anything your imagination allows. I've to go back to buy at least one or my entrance. It's gonna look great and of course functional.

Me on my way back, happy and excited with my purchases. 

The Tokyo Ginza shop has two floors where the entire collection is on display, including the Muji Grocery Shop and the Café. Delicious! I wish we had this one in Lisbon. I'm sure it would be a success.

(No quality pictures because I sneak these photos with my phone. Naughty me, but I got so excited I didn't resist)