Eliana Tomaz

Gaselin | Malmö, Sweden.

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Malmö is getting cosmopolitan every day. A bridge away from Copenhagen, this cute Swedish city is a design center on its own. Lovely people, gorgeous cafés and lots to look around.

Everywhere you find stunning design shops, with special focus on product design. From international renowned creatives to more low profile ones, Gaselin is The Shop to browse in.

Gaselin is a Picked Pieces shop selling Portuguese and Swedish design only. With an eclectic selection of products there is always something you want to grab.

Color is the main feature. The counter is covered in old style textured tiles from Portugal.
The Leaf ceiling by TemaHome.
Big windows, great space.
Hats made in Portugal.
Maria and Malin, Gaselin's owners, lovely collection of old magazines. Inspirational!
The Handle and Baby Handle stools by Fernando Brizio to TemaHome