Eliana Tomaz

À La Rentrée!

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Summer is indeed the best season in the year. We catch up with friends and family we get to see once a year, we have the beach to go to, look healthier, eat healthier, feel happier, find reasons to be outside all night long drinking Margaritas, though I always get to the point I miss to retreat. Maybe because I am lucky enough to enjoy all these pleasures since early May, I already started feeling the need to retreat (well, it's getting cool here in Lisbon, perhaps that's why).

Galleries and museums are part of my retreat. I love to visit art installations in the Autumn. They have a better fit. Everything feels right. It's as if I've been outside my reality for some time and art is getting me down to earth.

Looking forward to my Art Rentrée.

Reflection on the window above the Turbine Hall.

Light installation at Tate Modern (2007), one of my favorites.

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