Eliana Tomaz

Tulle Is My Choice.

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Fabrics are always a very important choice to make when it comes to the house. Silk? Velvet? Cotton? Taffeta? Tweed? What's the best fabric to let the room breath? What's the best texture to match the accessories? What's the warmest and fresher fabric for winter and summer? Have you thought of it?

I've always loved tulle. It's very sexy, yet elegant. Naive sometimes. So much to say about this delicate material.

I've spent a few days thinking what I am going to chose for my living room and finally decided - TULLE. I think it'll bring the romance and movement I'm looking forward to having in my new home.

Here's some of my moodborad pictures I want to share with you.

A few moodboards with tulle:
Pink Is The New Black
Tulle. Black. White. Red.
Inspired By Blue and Gold: Two Royalties.