Eliana Tomaz

Revival Cultures & Small Industries #1

Eliana TomazComment
Industrial countries, like Portugal was, have many small industries that are re-growing up slowly through architecture and design hands. This country used to be well known for its craftsmanship in tiles, ceramics and glass. The decline of traditional materials and goods left industries with no economic interest: in one hand, many of these companies could not respond to mass production and the other hand globalisation, mechanization and cheap labour relocated industries in other countries.

What before was the rise of cultural capital on the education level, which made many people have no interest in any kind or craftsmanship, today through art, design and architecture the opposite happens. It is synonymous of cultural capital to use these antique techniques to enrich art, design and architecture because of the quality of materials, embellish products, buildings and other places.

(Paragraphs of my dissertation entitled "Creative Industries impact on society and the economy")