Eliana Tomaz

My Next Home Is Lisbon.

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My house hunting is over! After long hours online research and site visits I finally found a house in a gorgeous old neighborhood in Lisbon. Actually, I got back to the very first one I visited. A very tinny flat, super cosy and very cute. I'm so looking forward to moving in.

As you can imagine, I'm terribly excited to pack all my stuff. Not only I'll soon unpack what I brought from London, but what I've packed when I went to London. So, lots to mix and match on a white canvas ready to welcome my material life.

This time I guess I'm going to style in white (for the very first time in my whole life). A few touches of colour, of course, but white is going to be the main feature. Here's some inspiration I found today online.
Orange could be the detail

Red is the energy

Home is a coat rack

White are the dreams

Light is the inspiration

Click here to see my neighborhood.

Photos via Agent Bauer