Eliana Tomaz

Loving & Living Architecture #1.

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Stavanger, the 4th biggest city in Norway on the west coast, is a place to visit if you love interior design shops and architecture.

Mainly traditional Norwegian architecture, there are outstanding contemporary buildings which underline very well the city's young generation, although if I was living here I would definitely chose to live in these gorgeous white houses with detailed roofs and wooden stairs.

Welcoming parks and trees, the public space feels it belongs to everyone.

When I passed by this building I could not stop wondering how the interiors are. So, I imagined eclectic spaces with a comfy and super big sofas, details in bold colors, very light grey on the background and lots of my favorite stool by Fernando Brizío.
Today I'm in Haugesund getting ready to go to Bergen tomorrow, where I hope to have some time to take a few pictures to show you notes on interiors and architecture.

God natt.