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A Bathroom To Wish For.

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Yesterday I started flat hunting. It's indeed an adventure. As you can imagine I came across to funny things. I went to see in loco two houses: loved them both for different reasons. The first one totally caught my heart because of its kitchen. Small, organised and extremely cute. I can imagine myself cooking "fricassé chicken" there.
The second one was tatally gorgeous. An eclectic huge flat, styled with contemporary and baroque details to die for with a bohemian twist and amazing pictures on the walls (I'll try to convince the owner to shot it to post it here. You'll gonna love it).

Today I did a bit web search. Oh my! I felt connection with any of them. The reason for that is only one, actually two: the most horrendous kitchen and bathroom I've ever seen! I can't even describe.

Of course it is difficult to find a flat, specially if you are looking for renting like I am right now, but who the hell can live in a house with ugly kitchen and bathroom?

Even though some people say bathroom don't matter, it's a secondary space in the house, I totally disagree. It must to be harmonious, bright and fresh. it has do feel as if you're in the most comfy space on earth, like a bedroom, a living room or a five star SPA in Bali. It needs to be inviting, don't you think?

Well, this one right here would definitely make me sign a contract in a second with no questions asked.

Picture via 79 Ideas

Any advise on house hunting? Please share. Thank you.