Eliana Tomaz

The King's Speech & My Favorite Space.

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Finally I got the opportunity to watch the well known "King's Speech". Of course the plot, the actresses and actors were my key of interest, though I must say the scenarios were a big curiosity in my imagination.

British movies are always very truthful when in comes to settings. They recreate all that English decadence pretty well - the energy, colors and textures are very touchable.

Lionel's "Consultation Room" is my favorite space in the movie, actually more than the castle. It is a great example of what I want to have in my future apartment: glass roof, wooden panels, wooden floors, big windows and textured walls.

Do you already live in the space you have once imaged?
I wander how many stories a space like this can tell us.

Here's another British decadent and beautiful space:
The Rough Luxe Hotel
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Movies with luxurious interiors:
James Bond and Coco Before Chanel

Photos are movie print screens.