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Like shoes, sofas are designed for different occasions, don't you agree? Highlife is specially designed for spaces where people might be looking for privacy when in public spaces, which could be a paradox, though we do it anyway (I personally love to be in noisy spaces admiring people around me without being noticed).

With different hight backrest this "well dressed" sofa is designed to style an hotel lobby or that café where we like to stay for hours surfing the net, reading a book or maybe chatting with a friend. Yes, it is mainly to contract spaces, though it would suit pretty well in my dressing room.  

Hightlife was designed by Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune for Tacchini.

The buttons give that casual touch often seen in a jacket or even a jumper though never loosing the elegance.

Fabrics and colors are another detail carefully selected by the design team. The devil is indeed in the detail.

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Photos via Dezeen