Eliana Tomaz

Which Color Are You?

Eliana TomazComment
A year go I bet blue, Royal Blue, would be the color for 2010. I couldn't use it more, advised it more, wear it more than I did. Actually it's one of my very favorite colors in the rainbow. I feel very good and creative around it.

This year I'm totally inspired and amazed by green. Green like the trees leaves. It's a powerful hue. It brings joy, health (and wealth, as they say it's the color of the money) and a sense of freshness.

Again, I think it's a must with touches of gold, maybe black and white patterns if you're more minimalist or if you want to bring it down to earth, brown could be a good option too.

What about you? Have you chosen the color for this Spring?

If you think this shade of green is too much, you can always add a few details and the freshness, health and wealth will be there.

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