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"Heart For Japan".

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I'm sure we all think everyday about Japan and I'm sure we all want to help anyway we can. For the last days it's amazing the amount of designers, artists and other creatives who have given a bit of themselves for such cause.

Delphine Perrot touched me in a different way the others didn't. Just scroll down and read her story and motivations.

MARCH 2011
'I reacted very quickly to this event as I was in the Pacific and we got a red alert early in the morning.
When I got back home, I came up with the idea and drew this sign spontaneously.

Then I started to spread it to friends via internet and crossed my fingers this universal sign for love and support for Japan would find its way. It was like putting a bottle in the sea.

A big thank you to Claire Boyles, who played a key role by putting me in touch with Darren Leighfield.
I am very happy to have offered my picture to this emergency situation'.
(Delphine Perrot, 11.03.2011)

If you have a blog or a website, keep spreading the word.
Thank You.