Eliana Tomaz

Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel.

Eliana TomazComment
Facing the cold Atlantic waters lays one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the western cost of Portugal - Areias do Seixo (Seixo Sand). Lucky me, it is right next door, where I can always go and enjoy a cup of coffee or a day SPA in this space located less than one hour from the capital.

Surrounded by dunes and pine trees in this hotel you will find a very balanced marriage between contemporary architecture and eclectic decó. Every room has a different story to tell and in the restaurant you can taste (real) organic food supplied by local farmers.

For now, enjoy the images, though if you're planning to visit, let me know. We can always meet up over a drink.

Oh, and if you're a surf lover, you will enjoy the best waves in entire cost of Portugal.

Photos from Areias do Seixo Website