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Wei Wang and Luxury Evening Bags.

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Bags. Don't we all love them? Don't we all have lots of them? Don't we all want more of them? Don't they all tell different stories? I think YES. And I think I would love to exhibit one of these in a special occasion.

A couple of weeks ago I found the amazing work by Wei Wang. She just finished her Masters in Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion which exhibition happened early this month.

Let me know if you have a favourite one.

Designer's own words -
"In accessory production, there is always a big concern of leveraging a product’s materials onto its functions. In terms of fashion and luxury design, I find that there are two levels of product’s functions. The first level is the product’s basic usage function; the second level is the product’s social and culture roles.

My project is luxury design of evening bag. I attempt to develop a real breakthrough in the design of luxury evening bags based on three aspects: first, thoroughly changing the firm belief and idea of evening bag’s material, which supposed to be soft and easy to carry; second, emphasising the cultural function of an evening bag; third, making efforts to inject new and vibrant elements into fashion design. As a small but important fashion icon, an evening bag’s beauty/characterised function is more important. I am considering something unique, elegant, with a collectable value adding to the mysterious character to the evening bag. Therefore, the idea of Chinese Ceramics comes to my mind. In this project, my collection is a series of evening bags made of Chinese ceramics."