Eliana Tomaz

Vroom Vroom By Lorenzo Quinn.

Eliana TomazComment
Lorenzo Quinn’s monumental sculpture Vroom Vroom was installed on 23 January in the central reservation on Park Lane opposite The Dorchester, as part of Westminster Council’s Sculpture Festival.

Lorenzo Quinn - "Vroom Vroom" from Halcyon Gallery on Vimeo.

Vroom Vroom is a vintage Fiat 500, the first car that the sculptor has, handled by a child’s hand build under the references of the
author’s son. The work is an installation allusive to the relationship between parents and sons.
Quinn express the meaning of this work in his artistic career: “Vroom Vroom symbolizes part of my independence, my freedom and
my personal growth. This was the first car I bought with the money I made in my firsts jobs. It was very difficult to obtain it but when I
bought it I felt released. I had achieved something very desired and what is more important I have buy it with my own efforts. I didn’t depend on my parents any more, I was an adult”

Info & Image from Halcyon Gallery.