Eliana Tomaz

The Colour Camel.

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There are colours that have a huge connection with us, don't you think? Even though trends slightly change the palettes for the season, I'm truly faithful to a few colours and specially shades. They fit my personal taste better than others, whether we're talking about interiors or fashion.

All this to say that I'm so happy CAMEL is fashionable again, not only in clothes but interiors too.

This shade reminds me the Sahara Desert, a golden tan with a variance of red to light brown tones, perfect to mix with a dark red, black or white. Definitely a very elegant shade to bear in mind for 2011.

Image via Coco+Kelly

By the way, for the first time I was a fashion personal shopper to someone. Loved it so much I might do it again. And yes! We bought a very nice camel top and I'm sure tomorrow I'm going to buy a camel cardigan I could resist today, but not sure if I can resist tomorrow.