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Vidago Palace.

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And because it's Friday we all look for beautiful p(a)laces to enjoy what life has best to offer. Being with family and friends in places, or rather palaces, like Vidago, in north of Portugal is what I've been dreaming about for a while.

Originally opened in 1910, the Belle Époque Palace's been reborn under the guidance of Álvaro Siza who preserved the architectural heritage of the building so predominant in this country. The rooms have been decorated by José Pedro Lopez Vieira and Diogo Rosa La with four dominant colours recalling the nature of the region.

Have a calm weekend.

This is indeed my favourite one. Not sure if it's the colour or the wallpaper that grabs my total attention.

I always loved white door and window frames in contrast with bold wall colours. This shade of gray is simply stunning to enhance the calm wallpaper on the far wall, isn't it?

A bathroom as charming as it could be. Love the small floor tiles.

I find so elegant when the floor (or wall) is partially covered with patterns like this one. In this specific case, it enhances much more the tiles making them more special and decorative.

All these beautiful rooms inside this stunning piece of Portuguese architecture. If you haven't visited my country, I'm sure you're going to love it.

Images from Vidago Palace's website.