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Types Of Love.

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Yesterday I found this Portuguese Design Gallery from Porto. Fell in Love with their work straight way. Here's the three pieces I would Love to have hanged on my walls.

Dixit Design Lab own words:
"At Dixit we aim to create objects that others find beautiful and love to make their own. There are no limits to shapes, colours, materials, processes or inspiration, just a will to create unique pieces.

Dixit is all about experimentation and embracing all forms of creative endeavour. In the Artpieces collections, a central theme is developed into ten different titles. Each title, though it relates to the central theme, is unique in its own way and may be explored in a diversity of materials, techniques and even inspirations. From pop art to arts and crafts, from canvas to wood, or plaster, fibreglass and fine porcelain, anything goes, as long as the finished piece is ultimately surprising, enchanting and inspiring."

Collection "Love Is In The World".
Latin Love, my very favourite.

British Love.

China Love.

Which one would you Love to have?