Eliana Tomaz

Fashion Fragments Of 2010.

Eliana TomazComment
It's impossible not to think fashion if you live in a city like London. It is absolutely everywhere, and we all love it, don't we?
Here's my favorite moments of thinking fashion.

1 - Britannia Skull Clutch by Alexandre McQueen: Only this object could make me carry a flag around town.
2 - Canvas Mini Shopper poppy by Céline: Fell in love with this bag on the spot and when I saw it in bright blue in NYC almost had a thing!
3 - My personal collection: They're objects of decoration too.
4 - On a Parisienne mood: The cutest T I have.
5 - The beauty of traditional object: Eclectic is always th choice.

I wish for us all a super stylish 2011.