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Dear Mother Christmas By Hermès.

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This year I wish to have an Hermès Christmas. I wish to be an Orange Mother Christmas. I wish a stylish Christmas for everyone.

Here's a few ideas from Hermès Paris.

Aren't their illustrations so stylish?

I can relate each of my family members and friends with one object/item. The following ones are my very favourites. Style your house.
Cups for the perfect afternoon tea by the country porch house.

Mugs for the hot hot hot chocolate on a raining Sunday afternoon by the Manhattan window loft.

Ashtrays, whether on the walls as an objet d'art or as an objet dans l'utilisation, we all must have an Hermès ashtray. It's part of culture.

Frames to remember and share proud and lovely moments.

Correspondence Box for those rare letters we love to receive from the post man. If not, maybe to put those ones we once received from beloved ones.

Illustrations from Hermès Website.
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