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Life has given me an opportunity that I’m sure I’m not going to get again, or at least soon. For the last two months I’ve been enjoying my country and visiting friends I have all over the place. All of them are not only best friends, but childhood friends. It has been fantastic, overwhelmingly beautiful and for sure rewarding.

Here are a few spaces, spaces within spaces and other spaces, from north to south/east to west, I would like to share with you.

COSTA VICENTINA (Southwest, Coast)

My friend's house, an Algarve house.

Costa Vicentina has the best beaches in Portugal - View from Martinhal Beach.

Spaces lost in time, I love them.

Natural Park, a protected area where you can get lost and enjoy great views, whether to the sea or inland.

BEJA (Inland)

Beja's castle, apparently the highest tower in Portugal.

Great detail. Balconies, my architectural passion.

Street lamps, another detail I photograph quite often.


Graça's Church.
Remember In Portugal With Love - Lisboa? Click to see more pictures.

BRAGA (Northwest)

I've posted a few times about this city. Click here and here to see more pictures.

ÉVORA (Inland)

Probably the most beautiful ruins I've ever seen in my life.

A detail very much inspired in Chinese architecture, isn't it?

A city with lots of peacocks.

The Bones Chapel, built in the 16th century with bones of the graves of the town, was a prayer and meditation about human condition. The interior is completely covered with human bones, has the solemn, gloomy and tragic atmosphere of a crypt.

Diana Temple, a Roman landmark dating from the 2nd century (it is one of the Iberian Peninsula's best preserved Roman monuments).

A worth watching video about Portuguese beauty.