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Architectural Fragments.

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To wrap up my year-in-pictures-uploaded-on-Facebook nothing better that posting architectural details I've been collecting in 2010.

Something that I like to do, specially when I visit a city for the first time, is to admire these massive structures and wonder what kind of stories they carry. Who designed them? Who lived there? What was the architect and designer thinking when he or she draw it? How many men and women worked on it? What other people see in it? What's going to happen to it in one hundred years time?

Architecture is the museum of each city.
It's possible to never feel alone in a city. These spaces are the soul of it and part of us too.

Calatrava's structure in Oriente Station, Lisbon.

Vasco da Gama Bridge, the longest bridge in Europe and ninth longest in the world.

Traditional Portuguese Architecture, always embellished with balustrades in iron.

The Gibson Hall, venue to Gensler Black + White Auction, London.

Roman Ruins, Évora.

A piece of reinforced concrete on a castle wall, Beja (I call it installation on a castle wall)

And an urban bench. Don't we all love them? Aren't they so poetic? Romantic?

Do you spend time admiring architectural fragments in the city you live in?