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Merci, Nous Vous Aimons.

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Merci, the cutest shop in Paris. Don't we all agree on it?
A space with 1500 m2 decorated (and for sell, of course) with precious objects, like furniture, objects plus ordinaires and acessories for kitchens, I'm sure it's every women perfect corner.

I went for a browse, but couldn't leave without having a delicious salad and a gâteau au chocolat. Paradis! I'm sure if one day I live in Paris, it's here that I'm going to do those afternoon pauses, either with friends or on my own.

Grande entrée.

Great combination between the Torch, light by Sylvain Willenz, and the Provençal benches. All those round shapes come together pretty well, don't they?

Beautiful dining table. Now imagine it in a living room with a wall in deep red as a background?

Speaking about red, this metal table is a must. It recalls all the moments I've spent by the beach with friends and family having hors-d'œuvre. Check the hole on the middle of it, where the shade used to be placed. Do you remember?
Oh, almost forgot to mention the plates. Another must have!

Keep Recycling And Carry On - Great idea to reuse old doors.

Detail of the reused door.

If you follow my Twitter or are a friend on Facebook, you probably have realised Fiat 500 is my little favourite car. Just for it, it's impossible not to love Merci.

Merci Merci!