Eliana Tomaz

Belle Époque Revival.

Eliana Tomaz1 Comment
Velvets, brocades and gold have always been part of my interiors styling. This year, another one has joined the team: animal prints. Every one I see I have to touch (and sometimes even smell). I have to say that I actually find it a strange love affair.

Anyway, what I want to underline here is that I like this Belle Époque Revival we're living in interiors. To me, it recalls rebirth, change and hope. Power. I like the feeling. It makes me smile. I look at these fabrics and it reminds me those historical novels from late 19th Century like ”Os Maias”. (It's an amazing novel, and when it comes to describe the interiors you can feel and smell absolutely everything. Highly recommended.)

What fabric or colour do you identify your style with?