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Great Architects Design Great Products.

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First time I went to this office building in Old Street (London) the only I think I saw was the Lorosae, a chandelier designed by Álvaro Siza. I always get very excited when I see Designed (or made) In Portugal.

At the time I went for a work meeting with an interior design practice. Half year later the studio I am working for at the moment, moved to the same building, which by the way is inhabited by designers and architects.

Day Light.
Night Light.

The lamp is manufactured by Reggiani, an Italian lighting company. I completely fell in love with this product the moment it was introduced to me back in 2002. Bought a couple for my studio (click here to see a smaller version), and in every opportunity I specified it.

It suits both, home or office environment. The most interesting space I specified it was actually to a kitchen. It gives the right light.

It is not the cheapest of the lamps, but if we think product and design quality it is indeed a great investment.