Eliana Tomaz

Goldsmith's Space.

Eliana TomazComment
Last Sunday I went to the Goldsmith's Fair, the most luxurious exhibition in London I believe. In total you get to indulge yourself with 180 designers, goldsmiths and silversmiths work. My God, beautiful jewellery, stunning silverware and other objects of pure luxury I wish I have.
For copyright reasons, I couldn't photograph (except a few rings my friend Luiza allowed me to) but I couldn't resist to sneak a few snapshots of this amazing ceiling.

As I mentioned before, Golden Age is back and this space's ceiling is something to look at and get inspired by, no matter what you're looking for, designing or styling. Hope you like it.

Monograms will be back soon, and ceilings are indeed a great plan to design them on.

Love the depth on these two photos.

I like the concept of mimicking the ceiling details on the mirror frames (or vice-versa). Makes an interesting statement, reinforcing the detail.

Cliché to have velvet and gold, but why not? It's just a perfect marriage, isn't it?

It's exhibitions like this one I'm going to miss once I go back to Portugal. The good thing is London is a step away from Lisbon and I hope I'll come as often as I wish.