Eliana Tomaz

Bottle Green Kitchen - Space For Everyday.

Eliana Tomaz2 Comments
If you say to someone your kitchen is green, more precisely bottle green, everyone will look at you with an horrified face trying to imagine such space. Dark and old fashion will be the only adjectives in their mind.

The truth is, dark green can be very well balanced when the fitted (or not) cabinets make a good contrast with white background and simple lines.

Key to achieve such harmonious space are the size of the tiles (200x200mm), mate finish and NO tile band. Simplicity always wins even when the colour choice is as bold as this one.

Love the straw blinds touch. They not only give a casual look, but balance very nicely textures, materials and colours, don't you think?

The total hight of green tiles are just about perfect, framing very well the cabinets above.

Another important detail in this kitchen are the handles. Simple stainless steel dots giving a nice movement to square panels.