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When I was a child I wanted to be a ballerina. I had very long hair and loved to wear a ponytail rolled up like the ballerinas I used to see on TV. It would make me feel one of them.

Every time I see a performance or even a ballet picture I like to contemplate it. I smile. Brings some king of inspiration and calm.

Like the pictures I collect to collage, as I showed yesterday, I've a few with ballerinas, but these go to a separate wall where I can look at whether I'm on my desk or on my sofa. Now that I'm moving cities I took a photo to remember and to add to the next one I'm planning to start.

Here are a few images I would like to share.

Aren't they all so beautiful?

This collage is made from ads, photos, postcards and newspaper, among many others.

1st & 2nd picture by Eliana Tomas
3rd picture from NYTimes