Eliana Tomaz

Love Is In The Air @ The Serpentine Gallery, London.

Eliana TomazComment
Every summer it’s an excitement to know who’s going to design the Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, a project I always follow very closely.
World greatest living architects are invited to present their best work to the British public for the first time.

This year French architect Jean Nouvel is the star.

"Architecture exhibitions often have little to do with the actuality of architecture, frequently focusing on display and technology rather than on the buildings themselves." - Julia Peyton-Jones

Amazing the way the material reflects light. Look at the contrast between the natural green and the man made red.

This year is all about scale and form.

Being inside the pavilion, absorbing the space, experience the light, touch the materials in indeed the right way to gain a true understanding of it.

Lovely reflection.

An exhibition for all.

Despite busy weekends, this is a nice space to enjoy a coffee with friends.

The Wall Of Love.

If you planning to visit the Pavilion don't forget to step inside the gallery. Interesting photography exhibition by Wolfgang Tillmans.