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What’s My Style in One Picture.

Eliana Tomaz3 Comments
It is quite difficult for me to describe in one single picture what my interiors style is as I find my personal taste very eclectic. But when Ally From The Right Bank comes up with such challenge, it makes me look for “the one”.

Residential / private spaces should be an amalgam of objects, textures, colors, imagesall with stories to tell, perhaps like a private gallery, but of course in a very relaxing and engaging environment.

The following picture, maybe too abstract, but indeed brings together many touches I look for in interior design.

Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan.

Color Gold is always part of my interior design vocabulary;
Geometric patterns together with classic furniture
bring balance o space;
Wood and stone are must have finishes;
Different materials on the same surface such as brass and wood;
Textured walls (either wallpaper, tiles, paint, anything textured as if they are dressed up).

Photograph by Giorgio Majne via Flickr.

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