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MUDE – Design and Fashion Museum.

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It’s not news that I’m a patriotic. Though I have a good reason to be so: not because Portugal is the best (we have a long way to go), but because projects like MUDE are the mark and inspiration to move forward.

First time I saw the collection it was a few (many) years ago at Centro Cultural de Belém, as Francisco Capelo’s private collection. It has now a new home in the Baixa Pombalina, Lisbon’s downtown, in the former head office of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino. All the original spatial features were remained which makes the space on its own a must see.

Romeo Gigli, Alexander McQueen and Ron Arad.

Spatial design is key for such outstanding and outside the box display.

“MUDE is a cosmopolitan space, an internationally renowned collection, the expression and inspiration of creative activity. MUDE is part of the force driving towards a modern Lisbon.”

1990’s by Yoshiki Hishinuma and Ana Salazar.

Every single display is a single engagement. It feels someone is telling you a little story.

Gianni Versace – Haute Couture Collection Spring/Summer 1991.

Special thanks to Pedro Teotónio Pereira, Vice Director, for allowing me to photograph on the spot and to Margarida Mata, an enthusiastic receptionist, for being a bridge to my request.