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All About Patterns.

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Lately it’s been all about patterns. Patters patters patters. Impossible to live without them, isn’t it? They’re used in interiors, furniture, wallpapers and curtains for hundreds of years.

Today I thought to post photographs of patterns used in architectural surfaces, as they become increasingly popular at the beginning of this century.

This pattern was very popular late 1970’s. Simple as it can be, but very rich. Love the 3D effect.

For some reason I can’t place this pattern in time: 60’s? 80’s? Not sure. Anyway, I like its playful asymmetry, quite summery I think.

Very Sixties.

This one is specially engaging: if you look closely you can trick your eye and see it 3D. Can you? (click on image to enlarge)

Neoclassic pattern.

Size: 10x10cm.

Classic pattern.

Inspiring patchwork.

I couldn't resist to post this tile panel. It's not a pattern, but since all the ones I post here are on tiles, this one couldn't be missing. It's located in one of Lisbon's Underground main stations. Every time I pass by it always makes me smile. I love the way they give a contemporary touch to such classic design.

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