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An Eclectic Space by a Contemporary Friend.

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To write about a space we know, it can be easy, but about the space of a best friend can be tough, especially if we want to be objective (and not telling funny stories we lived together).

Cláudia and I are friends since we’re 6 years-old. We went to primary school together and since then we’re best friends.
A very cosmopolitan girl with special love for music and films, she’s the Chief Content Officer at SubFilmes, a television production in the Capital.
Living in one of Lisbon's prime location called Graça, her flat is in a building which was once a Manor House. A few years ago it was converted into flats and original features like doors and wooden floor were kepted.

The space is quite small yet with lots of character and many beautiful touches I would like to share in here.

A space always reflects who uses it and this one is no exception, but what I really like about it are the objects with stories to tell you’re surrounded by, the key to style a home. From inherited possessions to purchases around other cosmopolitan world cities, she has it all.

For years I’ve been convincing Cláudia to leave this book wall as it is. She argues it’s not practical (which is not) and I argue it’s the main feature in the space. So far, I’ve won.
The floor lamp was inherited from her mum, which was acquired in the 1960’s in Germany.

Everything’s simple, in pure harmony.

Though white is the main color, textures and patterns are everywhere, which makes the space very balanced and cosy.
The 1960’s rug was as well inherited. Earthy colors and round shape brings pretty well all the surrounding objects.

Over scaled wallpaper pattern in the bedroom makes an interesting contrast with the wooden frame door, doesn’t it?

As you walk to the terrace, there’s this beautiful painting on the kitchen wall. Perfection.

Look at the view! A key element to live perfect lifestyle, isn't it?
Top of the hill you can see one of the most important churches in the city – Igreja da Graça (Graças’ Church).

So, what's your spatial key feature?